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Opificio Golinelli grows: the new 2500 sqm space dedicated to emerging entrepreneurial realities will be a collaborative and generative environment, enhancing the conception of different competences, experiences and cultures: humanistic, technical, scientific, economic.


sqm of innovation


months to shape the future


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G-Factor is a reaction environment, which seeks to transform the potential for technological innovation that lies in young people and in scientists, into entrepreneurial realities able to successfully establish themselves in the market, creating replicable and scalable business models.

It is a response to address the need to integrate scientific research, industry and the market, focusing on young people and their business ideas.

Located in a one-of-a-kind territorial ecosystem with a strong scientific and entrepreneurial history, G-Factor aims to enable new entrepreneurs to grow, with an understanding approach following scientific and market principles, and with the support of personalized incubator and accelerator programs, access to capital, structures, and relationships.


On February 25, Fondazione Golinelli inaugurated the new spaces dedicated to G-Factor, presenting the nine projects selected among the 124 candidates. The winning startups of the first call Life Sciences Innovation are:

BCI is a biotechnological startup focused on maximizing the biocompatibility of cardiac valve substitutes manufactured with animal tissues improving their performance and doubling the duration of operation over time.

Adam’s Hand is a myoelectric hand prosthesis, based on a patent-pending mechanism that allows to move all the fingers with just one motor, making them automatically adapt to the grasped object shape and dimension.

Complexdata has developed a platform that uses artificial intelligence to estimate the risk of metastasis in a cancer patient. In addition to precision medicine, the platform can be used for the research and development of new drugs and the repositioning of older ones.

Diamante (Nano-Technologies for Autoimmune Disease Diagnosis) is an innovative startup with a strong social focus, led by a female team, specializing in the production of nanoparticles for the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases using biotech technologies based on the exploitation of plants as high value-added compounds.

eVai is the cloud platform of enGenome, developed to support medical geneticists in the diagnosis of hereditary diseases using NGS data analysis. Using Artificial Intelligence, eVAI provides the most accurate interpretation of genomic mutations.

Genoa Instruments is a spin-off of the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia pioneering new technologies in the field of super-resolution optical microscopy, making them accessible for public and private research as well as for the industrial sector.

P4P S.r.L. produces innovative polymeric biomaterials processed with additive manufacturing techniques for the use of advanced drug delivery systems, improving and personalizing patient therapy.

Holey has created an integrated solution capable of producing custom-made orthopedic braces, for the fabrication of 3D printable orthotics, which can replace traditional plaster casts and commercial braces.

RELIEF S.r.L. proposes to engineer and bring to market a highly innovative device to combat severe urinary incontinence, providing a minimally invasive intraurethral insertion, activated with a small magnet.

MgShell is developing an intraocular drug delivery system for the treatment of maculopathy capable of releasing the right dose for the entire treatment, reducing the therapeutic load to a single injection.

Life Science Innovation 2018

The nine-month business accelerator programme began on March 18, three months will be dedicated to the residential phase at Opificio Golinelli and the remaining six months to remote mentoring and follow-up.


An innovative program custom designed for researchers and young experts with a high technical-scientific profile, that accelerates individual and team talent and enables growth, both entrepreneurially and scientifically. The G-Force program has a total duration of 9 months with an initial residential phase of intensive activities of 3 months and a non-residential phase the following 6 months, which include workshops, mentoring, coaching, recruitment aid, matching of potential industry partners, combined with logistic services, business services, concessionary agreements and incentives. Accommodation in Bologna at affiliated structures for up to 2 team members is included for the first three months of the program.


  • Accommodation in Bologna
  • Laboratories
  • Instrumentation
  • Business assessment
  • Custom" G Force "program


Ing. Antonio Danieli

Director General and Board Member
@ Fondazione Golinelli
CEO @ G-Factor Incubator-Accelerator

Dott.ssa Cristiana Vignoli

Director @ G-Factor Incubator-Accelerator

Ing. Pietro Ferraris

Head of G-Factor Acceleration Program

Dott.ssa Silvia Cozzi

Project Manager, G-Factor

Elena Galli

Tutor and Startup Facilitator


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