Laboratorio territoriale

The territorial workshop for employability Opus Facere - Fare per capire is an educational project involving a network of different schools in the metropolitan city of Bologna, also including public and private partners of the Emilia-Romagna Region.

The project aims to put schools at the center of a vast educational system that can actively involve local institutions, universities, research centers and businesses in the region. The goal is to set up spaces that are shared by several schools in the geographic area of the metropolitan city of Bologna, where advanced didactic experiences can be carried out, consistent with local policies for work and businesses.

In July 2016 the project was granted a 750,000 euros loan, allocated by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, within the integrated projects financed under the Regulation No. 107/2015.

As a project partner, Fondazione Golinelli offers 300 sqm of their Opificio and part of its staff, which contributes to the coordination and management of the activities envisaged by the project.

The Officine SanLab of San Lazzaro di Savena and a space at the IIS Archimede in San Giovanni in Persiceto work in connection with the Opificio. In addition, the Malpighi Lab and a mobile workshop are jointly operative to extend the intervention to the entire metropolitan area and involve students of the institutes covered by the network.

The project Opus Facere - Fare per capire will continue its mission for another decade, engaging not only students and teachers but also citizens, businesses, and local institutions. It is equipped with cutting-edge tools and technologies in the fields of robotics, ICT, nanotechnology, biotechnology, rapid prototyping and digital manufacturing.


The territorial workshop is organized in three levels:

  • The first basic level is comprised of wide-ranging activities related to all production sectors.
  • The second level, advanced and vocational, is comprised of more targeted specialized activities.
  • The third wide-spreading level is comprised of disseminating the workshops throughout the territory

The basic level cross-cuts the various cycles and fields of studies, with proposals adapted to the various social and demographic sectors of the subjects in training: students, first-job seekers, citizens, different social groups, etc. The courses are oriented towards innovation and based on the solution of practical problems, to develop creativity, the propensity for change and know-how in the areas of industrial development of the territory.

The advanced level includes activities - also pertaining to work-related learning - for upper secondary school students, with a particular interest in the production and research carried out by local authorities and companies. The youngsters, appropriately guided by the project partners, who guarantee supervision and tutoring by specialized personnel, can respond to concrete product and development challenges, to carry out entrepreneurial ideas, research projects, and prototypes.

The wide-spreading level was created to inform the local population about the activities of "Opus Facere" and on the vocational commitment of its own territory. With this objective we organize annual events aimed at both general and diversified audiences, with activities run by the students themselves, such as "School Maker Day" and "Martino ti orienta". Events that link teachers and companies in the area are also organized.