Work-linked training

Fondazione Golinelli organizes three-year of Alternanza Scuola-Lavoro programs for upper secondary school students, aimed at encouraging their orientation into the workforce and enriching their professional development, delivering skills that can be directly applied in the labor market.

The first edition of the course, currently in progress, includes:

  • in the first year, workshop activities on biotechnologies;
  • in the second year, in-depth studies on entrepreneurial culture, through meetings with university professors, young entrepreneurs, and professionals;
  • in the third year, an internship in a company.

A World of Plastic

The second edition of the three-year work-related learning program will start in May 2019 and is called "A world of Plastic". The course will further explain the techniques and problems related to plastic production and its disposal.

For information write to or call +39 051 0923216.